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Reading and phonics

At Thameside, we recognise that reading is the master skill and are focussed on supporting children to be effective 'readers'.  Our vision is therefore that every pupil will become a competent reader so that they can achieve well academically, flourish personally and function effectively in the wider world.

During their time at Thameside, children will be taught to decode accurately and fluently using the Little Wandle validated phonics scheme.  They will also encounter a wide range of texts, both fiction and non-fiction, in their whole class reading lessons.  The aim of these sessions is to inspire a love of books, but also to teach the children all the different skills and strategies which combine to make successful reading.


Big Cat Phonics for Little Wandle Complete Pack 1-5 For Year Reception ...

We take every opportunity to give children encounters with quality texts and encourage their reading for pleasure.  The English curriculum has a bespoke book spine at its core and the class bookshelves are tailored to the needs and interests of the pupils. Changing displays in both the classrooms and reading hive reflect the learning being done in other areas of the curriculum, as well as linking to key events such as black history month and remembrance.  Pupils from Year 3 upwards use the Accelerated Reader programme to guide their independent reading choices; they particularly enjoy the quizzes at the end of each book and, this year, some are even aiming for 'Word Millionaire' status!

There are also wonderful celebrations and events throughout the academic year to reward the children for their reading and inspire them, and their families: reader of the week prizes, second hand book sales, Christmas reading cafe, recommendations in the newsletter, author visits, trips to the local bookshop/library, book club, award shadowing and many more!

Our well-stocked and vibrant library celebrates a wide range of texts, including brand-new releases and a diverse range of authors and topics. Our books are organised systematically and labelled using dual-coded images to support children in choosing the text that they would like to explore. 

If you are interested in more detail about how reading is inspired and taught at Thameside, please do have a look at the documents below.  Over the year, we will also be adding resources for supporting reading at home.  We'll post links to these in the newsletter.


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